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Share your love of books with friends and discover new reads, all with the tap of a button.

You can keep track of your book collection, share books with friends, and discover new reads from people with similar taste, all in one app!

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Book Inventory

Effortlessly manage your book collection with our comprehensive book inventory management system. Add books quickly and easily by scanning the ISBN barcode or manually entering the details.

You can also add custom fields to track additional information about your books, such as your purchase date, condition, or reading status.


the ISBN

At a book store and want to quickly see the book details?

You can scan the ISBN and see book details, ratings and reviews, and even people around you who are willing to share that book, just with a single tap!

You can either add the book into your library, wishlist, or favorites right away!


billions of books

you can search billions of books from Google Play Books, one of the largest collections of ebooks in the world. You can search by title, author, category, or ISBN, and you'll get results all variations of the book (if available).

If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can browse our curated lists of books, or use our advanced search features to narrow down your results. You can also filter results by price, rating, and other criteria. (coming soon!)


with other Book-Worms

With our app, you can connect with friends who share your love of reading in a variety of ways.

You can see what others are reading, follow people with similar tastes, request books from them, talk about books, and get recommendations!

You can create or join book clubs (coming soon!), discuss books you're reading, and get recommendations for new books to read.



Share your thoughts and opinions on books. Write and read reviews from the book-loving community.

With our app, you can share your thoughts and opinions on books with other book lovers from all over the world. You can write reviews of books you've read, rate books, read reviews of books that you're interested in reading to get other people's perspectives.


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